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Today, Micro Focus released a new version of (ZENworks) Application Virtualization. The new product is now called Micro Focus Desktop Containers. It’s a one-stop-shop for building, packaging and deploying desktop and laptop Windows applications.

Let’s take a look at how your business can use this product:


Business applications are used across all levels of the enterprise, from the sales department to the C-suite. They are responsible for enabling some of the most important business processes. For this reason, end users need easy access to secure, and reliable applications.

Micro Focus Desktop Containers is a tool that can streamline the application deployment process. This product makes it easy to build and deploy agentless, containerized applications. Desktop Containers can guarantee strong application performance in just about any operating environment.


Why use Desktop Containers to distribute applications? A business application is like a wild card. There is no telling how it will interact with existing software and hardware on the network. Introducing a new application may alter how other systems perform.

When applications create network issues, productivity slows down. Trouble tickets pour into the helpdesk. And IT workers must drop what they are doing to come to the rescue and restore uptime.

Application failure can also be embarrassing, and costly. Imagine using an application to demonstrate a product or service to a customer. If the application fails to work, it will reflect negatively on the business.


Micro Focus Desktop Containers reduces challenges and risks while deploying commercial and proprietary applications.

Here’s how it works:

Applications go through a one-time packaging process. This can be done on any Windows XP or higher machine. This process involves bundling applications with “wrappers.” Once an application gets bundled, it can function alongside other workstation applications without conflicts.

Bundled applications can then be distributed to end users through the ZENworks endpoint management platform. They can also be shared via USB, over a file sharing platform or through a hosted Web portal.

There are many benefits to using Desktop Containers. Some of the top ones include:

Faster application deployments: Desktop Containers will reduce application planning and testing times.

Greater application visibility: This product will reduce software rollback and contingency complications.

Safer application tests: Test newly-released and beta application versions without impacting existing versions.

Micro Focus Desktop Containers also comes with subscription access to the Turbo.net Hub. Here, you will find hundreds of applications and thousands of pre-containerized application images for use. This will greatly expedite the containerization process.

Want to get the whole picture on what Desktop Containers has to offer? Click here to access our web site.

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