An update on ZENworks Reporting

During the past few days, I had folks asking me about what's happening on the Reporting front. So I thought it best to share the update with a wider audience.

The start of this year was a major milestone for ZENworks with the release of ZENworks 2017. What probably went unnoticed was that at the same time we also released our newest version of Reporting – ZENworks Reporting 6.2.1. A few noticeable things in this release are:

  1. An all new engine - This release brings in a much needed update by replacing the aging Jasper 5.6 engine with the newer Jasper 6.2.1. The new engine comes bundled with many features and scores of under the hood performance improvements.

  • An all new Dashboard Designer - If you hated the idea of building dashboards in ZENworks Reporting 5.6.1, I think you would love it in this release. This release ships with a totally redesigned dashboard designer. It is significantly faster, easier to use, and comes loaded with many new features. Check out this cool Video by Zen Guru Jason for an overview of what is possible.

  • An all new Bundle Domain – For many of our large customers, reporting on bundle data in a scale environment was just not working. So we went back to the drawing board and created a whole new bundle domain which works. We designed it from the ground up keeping in mind the various use cases we have encountered over the years. As an example, we made sure that it is possible to report both on content and bundle in a single view, which wasn't easily achievable earlier. While adding the new domain, we have kept the existing Bundles & Policies objects with-in ZENworks Domain, so that your existing reports don't break.

  • Support for new DB’s - We increased our DB support matrix, so it is now possible to configure Postgres or MySQL domains (psst..Micro Focus Service Desk).

If you are interested in finding out what else is new, head over here

So What’s Next?

Since we just updated the engine, we decided to take a break and shifted our focus to ZENworks Domain. It hasn’t been updated since ages and there are so many things which we can do with it. So for ZENworks 2017 Update 1, we decided to do the following:

  1. Fix long standing domain related defects

  • Address much requested Domain related enhancements

  • Performance updates to Pre-defined Asset Management reports

  • Surfacing of Mobile App related data in Bundle Domain

  • New Adhoc views for common use cases

We believe that this would take care of some long standing requests and would help administrators get a better view of their zone.

I hope that you find this update useful. We are still planning our work for ZENworks 2017 Update 2. If you think that there is this one thing which just has to be there, feel free to drop me a mail.


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