ZEN Remote Wrapper for Desktop 4


I got some feedback on the HTA file I submitted, and I discovered that
calling RCConsole for those functions was 'unsupported' by Novell (Shaun
Pond's comment here:

That said, I tackled writing the wrapper for the supported solution,
that is calling desktop4.exe. The administrator needs only double-click
the HTA file to run it, and because it's only a wrapper, the footprint
is still super tiny - the file's 4KB in size.
With the admin supplied IP address entered into the textbox, it's got
support for:

  • File Transfer

  • Diagnostics

  • Remote Control

  • Remote View

  • Remote Execute

The admin should edit the HTA to reflect his/her treename, and if
desired change the authentication mode to password based instead of
eDirectory based. Those details are included in the HTML text at the
bottom of the file and can all be removed before circulating to his/her
help desk.

Good Luck!

Note: See also ZEN Remote by IP.


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