What's the Micro Focus ZCC console going to look like in ZENworks 2016?


As I described in an earlier post the ZENworks product line is getting a face lift driven by the style and colors associated with being a Micro Focus product. Today I wanted to take a minute and share with you some fresh mock-ups of where we are heading with the ZENworks Control Center for ZENworks 2016. This isn't ZCC 2.0, but it certainly does look fresher than the current branding.

The following shows what we believe the login screen will look like. You'll notice that error type messages don't automatically grow the login dialog, instead you can open up the message and see more.

Microfocus ZENworks_v1-02

Once you are logged in then you get the new and improved getting started page. The goal is to keep this page limited to just the minimal set of things you need to get the ZENworks infrastructure up and running.

Microfocus ZENworks_v1-03

You'll notice that we're moving to the same color scheme and flat style as we're introducing in the Micro Focus Service Desk product. We're also hard at work on similar changes for the appliance console, reporting console, and more. Overall I think it gives a fresh new look to the console, while keep the usability of the product the same. I hope you like what you see, I know Sandeep has been hard at work making sure we give you a great new Micro Focus experience. Feel free to comment on the thread as to what you think, I'm sure he's following these blogs!

Expect to see this new branding in the spring preview release of ZENworks 2016!




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