New Ideas Exchanges


If you haven't noticed yet we have switched our Ideas platform that allows you to submit ideas, vote and comment on other peoples ideas and get the status of ideas into the Community forums. You'll find these in the Ideas Exchange for each of the products. This new Ideas platform contains some great new capabilities that we hope will make your life and ours easier. This includes:

  • Integration with your eLogin account so that you can use your normal Communities account to add, edit, comment and vote on ideas. No more separate credentials!
  • Ability for moderators to move and merge ideas. The old version of Ideas didn't allow ideas to be moved between forums, resulting in the occasional idea in the wrong forum. Additionally, if a duplicate idea was created there was no good way to mark it duplicate and merge the votes. This can now be done.
  • More statuses. We now have a lot more flexibility in status. We'll do our best to make sure as New ideas come in we provide updates. Please note that when something is Under Consideration in the new system this means we are evaluating it for a release, but don't yet have a release time. Most will likely be in the Waiting for Votes status as we wait to see what's most interesting to the community. I believe in most cases this is the state that existing ideas were migrated into the new platform. We will then move them into Under Consideration as we begin looking to put an idea into a release. Please also watch for Needs Clarification on your ideas in case we need further details.
  • Improved reporting. For PMs and other interested parties inside the company there are now significantly improved reporting capabilities.

We hope you'll find the new ideas interface easier to use and provide more interactivity. We've also put redirects in place to make sure that the link in ZENworks Control Center and any bookmarks you may have redirect to the Ideas index page so you can easily access the Ideas Exchanges directly. Please keep the ideas coming, we look forward to seeing what you come up with next!


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