ZENworks Service Desk 8.2 Public Beta Available!



I am happy to announce that the public beta of ZENworks Service Desk 8.2 is now available. Unlike traditional betas where we default to providing you on-prem access to the beta, we thought we'd try doing this as a hosted beta allowing you to more rapidly provide feedback and see changes as we make them. To access the beta simply browse to https://zsdbeta.mfzen.co.in you can then login as user1,user2,user3,user4 or user5 with a password of zsd@123. From there you can explore the new beta.

ZENworks Service Desk 8.2 introduces a completely redesigned ticket management experience. To access it, once you've logged in simply go to the Requests page. Experiment with adding requested, adding notes and attachments, resolving tickets, grouping tickets and more. On the hosted beta page in the upper right hand corner you can click the Beta What's New button to get a full list of the new capabilities. If you have feedback on what you see, click the link on that page to send an email to zen@microfocus.com with your feedback.

If you would like a copy of the beta appliance to deploy on-prem, simply drop zen@microfocus.com and email and we'll happily provide you one. If you want a named user account instead of one of the generic ones, send that request to the same along with the info you'd like to use and we'll happily create one.  We hope you find the changes we've made in this release beneficial to your daily use of ZENworks Service Desk. Going forward we'll continue to improve the workflow and as we move past 8.2 we'll work to modernize the knowledgebase experience and the CMDB management capabilities.

As always, we appreciate your time in taking our beta for a test drive, and look forward to your feedback.



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