Proof of Life [Mobile Device Management]


I’m sure many of you have heard for quite some time that eventually the mobile management capabilities found in ZENworks Mobile Management will eventually be making their way into the ZENworks architecture. I’ve had numerous questions about whether this is true, when it will happen, and many others. So today I just wanted to share a little demonstration to prove that this effort is very much alive and under way. I don’t have a definitive timeframe, but we’re adding capabilities every sprint to get to something that will allow you to manage all of your devices in the same way as you do desktops and laptops today.

Take a look at what this might look like when it grows up, this is real working code…

If you like what you see and would like to participate in our early access programs to have an impact on this, please drop us a message at and and we’ll make sure that we reach out to you as soon as we’ve got something you can get your hands dirty with.



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