Restoring ZENworks Functionality after Renewing Virtual Servers

ENVIRONMENT: NetWare 6.5 sp5

3-node cluster

ZENworks for desktops 6.5 sp2 ir 1

The new virtual server is in the same OU as the original virtual servers.

PROBLEM: ZENworks no longer works in a cluster after renewing the virtual servers. In my case the virtual servers had to be removed and replaced by new virtual servers. All components of ZENworks desktop management didn't work anymore.

SOLUTION: all the policies could be restored by associating the zen-server to the server_package.

To restore Wake on LAN, Inventory and Imaging, delete the <zen-server-name>-ZIS object.

Re-install ZENworks for Desktops SPs onto the new virtual ZENworks server.

The re-install should make a new <zen-server-name>-ZIS object. This is important for imaging with PXE -- without it you get "no work to do."

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