Deploying ZCM 11.2.4 with VMware View 5.3 with Linked-Clone Image


This cool solution will help you to deploy ZENworks Configuration Agent 11 SP2 (11.2.4) with VMware View 5.3 (VDI Solution) with Linked-Clone Image. Novell Domain Services for Windows is used here instead of Active Directory.


  • Open Enterprise Server 11 SP1

  • Novell Domain Services for Windows

  • ZENworks Configuration Manager 11.2.4

  • VMware View 5.3

  • Windows 7 SP1

  1. You need to have a golden image of Windows 7 SP1 under VMware View. This step won't be describe here, you should know how to create a perfect Windows 7 image for VMware View. The most important part is: The ZCM agent MUST NOT be installed on the Windows 7 SP1 image (Parent).

  • Create a folder called zcmtemp under c:\. You should have c:\zcmtemp.

  • Download the "COMPLETE" ZENworks Agent Installation for your Windows 7 version and save it under c:\zcmtemp. Again very important : Do NOT install the ZENworks Agent in the Windows 7 image after download.

  • Create a batch file called setup.cmd under c:\zcmtemp

  • Edit setup.cmd and add this command line: c:\zcmtemp\thenameofyourzenworkagentfile.exe -q

    Replace thenamefoyourzenworksagentfile.exe by the real filename. Keep the -q to force reboot after the installation later.

  • Shutdown your Windows 7 and do a VM Snapshot.

  • Deploy your workstation pool with your personal settings and at the guest provisioning setting keep the option at: QuickPrep and add c:\zcmtemp\setup.cmd in the post-synchronization field. Finish the pool creation.

That's it. Wait for your pool deployment and when your desktops will be ready and available under the VMware View Administration Console, you will be able to go under the ZCM Admin Console to verify if your workstation have been added properly.



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