ZCM Customer Care Update


Product Highlighted for this Newsletter – ZENworks Suite

The ZENworks Suite is a bundle of 7 integrated products to help you track, manage and protect your endpoint devices. You deploy a single agent to any endpoint devices you want to manage, and then manage those devices from a single Web-based administrative console. ZENworks Suite 2020 is the latest release and includes the following products:

ZCM 2020 was released October 2019.
Customers are able to preview and see additional information regarding the release here.

Meet the North American Customer Care team:

zen team

Team members: Craig Wilson, Susan Perrin, Ryan Adams, Chris Slade, Jaxson McGary, Moises Morales, Paul Pedron Khai Tran, Steve Johnson, Nathan Memmott, Arvind Tiwary.

The team is very experienced and has a combined average of 9 years’ experience in supporting the ZENworks product. They have been very active in providing feedback to our Product development and engineering team on product improvements as well as publishing solutions for our customers.

The team has presented at the ZENworks Community Technical Webinars which can be viewed here.

Here are some of the recent videos and TIDs produced by the team to assist our customers upgrading and using the latest release.

Our mission is to provide the best possible experience through rapid, high quality solutions. We look forward to working with you as you implement, upgrade and maintain your ZENworks environment.



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