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With mobile workforce being a very common scenario in most organizations it's not unusual to see lots of laptops are not checking into the corporate network on a regular basis and thus not getting the configurations that you should be expecting the machines to have on a regular basis. The report in discussion will provide you a means to identify machines that have not been connecting to the ZENworks System on a regular basis and take appropriate remedial action.

Report Description

Download the attached report and import it under the following folder in your ZENworks installation:

Novell ZENworks Reports >> Custom Reports >> Custom Reports Library >> ZENworks System

For instructions on how to import custom reports please refer to the article: “Importing a ZRS report”

We will discuss about the three distinct parts of the report:

  • Summary Tab

  • Device List Tab

  • User Prompt

Report Summary

This section provides a summary overview of the machines that have checked into the ZENworks System over a period of time. The summary device counts are linked to the device list tab to provide a drill down view of the devices that have checked in to the system.


Device List

This section provides the list of devices which are meeting the query criteria. The typical device list contains the following additional attributes about the device.

  • Name

  • DNS Name

  • Primary User

  • Last Full Refresh Date

  • Last Contacted Date

  • OS Product Name

  • ZENworks Agent Version


User Prompt

The user prompt lets you limit your searches on the devices that are within a specific ZENworks folder and their subfolders. It also has a date range filter for the last contacted time that enables the keeping the searches limited to specific date ranges.



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