ZENworks Asset Management entitlement

By Martin Buckley

I hid this away at the bottom of my previous post. Some eagle-eyed readers caught it.

We recently announced that ZENworks Asset Management customers with Upgrade Protection or Maintenance would be entitled to ZENworks Asset Management Services within ZENworks 10 Configuration Management.

So how will this work?

I need to be clear that this is an entitlement for the Asset Management Services component only. You will need a ZENworks 10 Configuration Management entitlement too.

Put into plain English - you need ZENworks Configuration Management to make this work.

All customers who have ZENworks 7.x Asset Management with current Upgrade Protection or Maintenance will see the license in the Novell Customer Center.

So how do you get a license for ZENworks 10 Configuration Management?

Should be pretty simple. We estimate that the majority of customers with ZENworks Asset Management will be covered by this.

Finally - for those needing more information about licensing, Upgrade Protection or Maintenance - here's the link to the Novell Licensing pages. http://www.novell.com/licensing/buyingprograms.html

Comments and questions welcomed as always.


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