Troubleshooting Patch Management download problems in ZENworks 10 Configuration Management


Wondering what troubleshooting steps should be taken and which log files should be collected for ZCM 10 if there are problems with Patch Management subscription downloads or deployment? Here's a list. If you have any things to add, let us know.

Check the following:

  • Does the server meet the minimum hardware requirements specified in the documentation?

  • Is the Patch Management Service started? (See Configuration/Subscription Information/Start the Subscription Service/Service Running button in ZCC Console).

  • Was the replication time set (Subscription Communication Interval)? This time is based on the primary server containing the ZCC database local time.

  • Can you ping and reach it via port 80 and 443 from the Patch Management server? If not, was a proxy set up properly?

  • Check Configuration Subscription Download, Configure http Proxy, Product Serial number and Subscription Service Information on ZCC Console for "Is Configured" and check the settings.

  • Check \program files\novell\zenworks\zpm\dist for *.plr and *.pls files (indicates successful contact and download with

Agent logs:

  • Windows Application Event logs - WSH Patch Deployment failures

Server logs:

  • \program files\novell\zenworks\logs\loader-messages.log

  • \program files\novell\zenworks\zpm\rdy.txt

  • \program files\novell\zenworks\zpm\pkglist.txt

For additional info, see this TID.


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