ZENworks 2020 is Now Available (But You Probably Already Knew That ;)


Micro Focus is pleased to announce the general availability of Micro Focus ZENworks 2020, the latest iteration of our powerful device management solution that gives the ability to manage access, configuration, security, patching, and more for hundreds or thousands of devices, applications, and assets all from a single pane of glass.

ZENworks 2020 includes plenty of features and enhancements, and lays the foundation for an exciting ZENworks future.

What's New:

  • Revamped Security Experience: Addresses the security challenges faced by most administrators by enabling them to quickly grasp the security status of their devices through a vulnerability-based view. Using this feature, administrators can easily identify and remediate vulnerabilities that impact the devices in their zone. This is enabled by:
    • A consolidated Security Dashboard (and dashlets)
    • Patching software security vulnerabilities using CVEs
    • Providing new Security “Getting Started” pages
    • Changes to the user interface to allow easy navigation
    • The ability to initiate a Patch Scan Quick Task
    • Option to deploying patches on shutdown
    • New Endpoint Security policies for Microsoft Windows EFS and Windows Portable Devices (WPD)
  • Migration from Sybase to PostgreSQL: PostgreSQL databases are more flexible and provide for future improvements
  • New installer experience to Assist with the Sybase to PostgreSQL Migration
  • Bundle Enhancements: Bundle Dashboards, Old Bundle Cleanup, and Install Executable Action
  • Mobile Management iOS Update Bundles: Deploy iOS updates to your managed fleet of iOS devices.
  • New Mac Imaging Option
  • New Platform Support: Support for SLES12 SP4 in the appliance, Up-to-date Windows and Linux support, upgraded database support, and much more!
  • Many Internal and customer defects resolved
  • ...And SO MUCH more!

See the ZENworks 2020 Readme for the full list of enhancements and bug fixes.

To download new versions or read more about ZENworks, please visit the following:

Thank you for being ZENworks customers, and enjoy ZENworks 2020!


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