Making files easy to find in ZCM servers (Windows)


When using ZCM on a windows 2003 server it can be frustrating when modifying images or tftp files to remember where the files exist on the server. For me the key files that I need access to are the image store and the tftp folder. These can be in different locations depending on where ZCM was installed and where the %ZENWORKS_HOME% variable points.

The default location for the image store is:


The default location for the tftp folder is:


where %ZENWORKS_HOME% points to c:\Program files\novell\zenworks

If you are working in a Windows world - when mapping a drive or making a connection to the server you need to use the following path:

\\servername\c$\Program files\novell\zenworks\Work\Content-Repo\images\

for the image files


\\servername\c$\Program files\novell\zenworks\Share\tftp

for tftp

To make things simpler for me to remember and maybe more familiar in a normal ZENworks world I set up Windows shares for these paths.

\\servername\c$\Program files\novell\zenworks\Work\Content-Repo\images\ 

is shared to:



\\servername\c$\Program files\novell\zenworks\Share\tftp

is shared to


This makes it easier to remember and will stop people poking at other files within the ZCM folder structure.



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