Starting the Vertica service when the IP address of the Vertica node changes (2707089)


The ZENworks 2020 release supports Vertica as an additional source of data to improve the Dashboard performance, especially for larger customers. Although ZENworks does not mandate the usage of a static IP address for the Vertica node (server), if for any reason the IP address of the Vertica node changes, then the Vertica service will fail on the node. Therefore, to avoid such issues, ZENworks recommends that you use a static IP for the Vertica nodes.

When the IP address of the Vertica node changes, then before starting the Vertica service, you need to create a mapping file and re-IP the old IP address to the new IP address. You can use the mapping file to update the configuration files and the database catalog.

Create Mapping File

Execute the following steps to create a mapping file:

  1. Run the following command to obtain the old IP addresses:

$ admintools -t list_allnodes

Node |Host | State | Version | DB

Zenworks_node0001 UP vertica-9.2.0.xx zenworks

Zenworks_node0002 UP vertica-9.2.0.xx zenworks

  1. Copy the old IP address (the Host column) from the previous step and create a text file in the following format:

<old_ip> <new_iP>

<old_ip> <new_ip>

Re-IP the IP Addresses

After creating the mapping file, you need to re-IP the new IP addresses by executing the following steps. The re-IP process automatically takes a backup of the admintools.conf , thereby enabling you to recover the original settings, if required.

  1. Stop the database.

  2. Run the following command to map the old IP addresses to the new IP addresses:

$ admintools -t re_ip -f mapfile


A sample output of the command is as follows:

Parsing mapfile ...
New settings for Host are:

The following databases would be affected by this tool: zenworks
Checking DB status ...

Please check your new settings carefully, incorrect settings may cause database damage!
Enter "yes" to write new settings or "no" to exit > yes
Backing up local admintools.conf ...
Writing new settings to local admintools.conf ...

Writing new settings to the catalogs of database zenworks ...
The change was applied to all nodes.
Success. Change committed on a quorum of nodes.
You can start database zenworks again.

Initiating admintools.conf distribution ...
Success. Local admintools.conf sent to all hosts in the cluster.

  1. Restart the database.



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