Upgrading ZENworks agent to 11.4 and later in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Environment using newer reconciliation settings

This document will enable you to upgrade a Citrix VDI image managed by ZENworks from earlier supported versions to ZENworks 11 SP4 using the registration key based reconciliation settings.

Prior to 11.4, Novell recommended that you reconcile the VDI devices in the zone by selecting the MAC Address, Serial Number and Machine Name (hostname) attributes. If an environment had both VDI and non-VDI desktop devices managed by ZENworks, the same reconciliation setting would not suffice the requirements for both kinds of devices, owing to the nature of VDI devices.

To make reconciliation more granular, starting with ZENworks 11 SP4, a reconciliation setting can be defined at the registration key level. This helps defining different reconciliation settings at device folder level (for instance, one registration key per device folder). Hence, VDI devices can now use a registration key that specifies reconciliation to be based only on Machine Name.

To upgrade an 11.4 agent in a Citrix VDI environment zone:

  1. Install an 11.4 agent on the base machine or the Golden image.

  • Create Device folder in ZENworks Control Center (ZCC) to store all the VDI devices.

  • Create the registration key with Reconcile Settings as Machine Name and associate it with the folder that you created in Step 2. (If you are using the registration key to register the VDI device before upgrading to 11.4, after upgrading the Primary Server change the reconciliation setting to Machine Name).

  1. Add the registration key in the initial-web-service. (The first line of the initial-web-service file contains the list of IP addresses and host names of the servers to which the device is registered. Add the registration key in the second line.)

  1. Navigate to %ZENWORKS_HOME%\confand delete the DeviceData and DeviceGUID

  • Clear the ISD (Image Safe Data) by using the%ZENWORKS_HOME%\bin\preboot\ziswin.exe

  • Shutdown the device and take a snapshot.

  • In Citrix Studio, go to Machine Catalog and click Update Machines.vdi

  •  Select the latest snapshot that was taken in Step 7 and then complete the wizard.




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