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For the last week or so I've been out here in Australia meeting some great customers and partners around Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. On arriving at the Novell Melbourne office a couple of days ago I made an amazing discovery: The office panoramic window has fantastic views into turn 11 and 12 before hill (you can also see the pit-lane, but only from the rear). So, clearly, as the consummate petrolhead my original plan was to fill this blog with automotive references (as well as working out a way to be here for the next F1!).

That was until yesterday when I visited the art museum. They have a fantastic Dali exhibition going on there (well worth a visit if you're in town!), and since Dali has always been one of my favourite artists I want to apologise in advance if this blog entry begins to ramble and randomise!!

Ok, so on to the techie stuff. After all, that's why you come here isn't it? (If you come for other things, please let me know offline!)

The scenario is that we're meeting a customer to talk about ZENworks solutions. The office is very smart and organised. However a bomb is dropped in that we have someone who's going to conference over video - and the presentation needs to be shown on a special computer which... guess... has Office XP installed. A challenge: I only have the presentation in OpenOffice format and converting without time to review the output may cause problems (no OpenDocument support in XP).

So. ZENworks Application Virtualisation (ZAV) to the rescue!

The computer was locked down, but would allow a simple executable to run. I had a VM with ZAV and the OpenOffice code available. So, seeing the opportunity for a product demo, we 'fire her up!'

Within 5 minutes OpenOffice has been virtualised, is running, and the presentation begins. However it wasn't until the end of the session that we pointed out to the remote connectee that this was a virtualised app - and nothing had been installed.

Impressed I think...

I know I'm biased but this REALLY is a product worth taking a look at. Now that it can be integrated (optionally) into a ZENworks Configuration Management Zone it's almost a no-brainer to have some licenses in an environment. It simplifies deployments, upgrades AND testing whilst at the same time ensuring application compatibility and availability for users.

My example is perhaps extreme, but it does show the power of the product.

Now that you've read this far why not take a look. We even have a 60 day evaluation available. Go on, you know you want to: http://download.novell.com

Finally, for those of you who came by this blog entry by way of an erroneous surrealism search on Google a comment:

May you turn the atmosphere wild with currents of wild humour when smiling at a passing insect.

Thanks for reading!


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