All About ZENworks Asset Management

Come read this insightful article by Tom Smart recently published in Connection Magazine.


Asset management too often means just making a list of what you have and e-mailing it to the person asking for it—whether it’s the purchasing department, a software auditor or the poor soul who has to reconcile licenses against actual installations.

Making lists, however necessary it may be, doesn’t help you get more value or usefulness from your IT assets. Even if you have an automated inventory system, the resulting lists don’t necessarily give you the information you need to make smarter purchasing decisions, streamline lifecycle transitions, satisfy auditors and so on.

To add value, you need to add intelligence. And in most companies, that also means adding a lot of manual labor to extract meaningful information from the raw data.

With Novell ZENworks Configuration Management, and the fully integrated ZENworks Asset Management, you get a lot more value for your management efforts.

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Worth Your Weight in Gold: Becoming the Asset Your Investors Crave with Novell ZENworks Asset Management


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