The Last Scan History Report


The Last Scan History report presents a concise summary of when devices in your inventory were last scanned. The report is built around a best practice of weekly inventory scans, and breaks a week down day-by-day. Devices with more aged inventory are grouped at larger breaks.


Further drilling down into the number of machines will take you to the detailed device list tab of the same report. You can also link the drilldown to any other report in ZRS by editing the hyperlink in the report. For the report links to work properly make sure you have placed the report in the folder:

Public Folders >> Novell ZENworks Reports >> Custom Reports >> Custom Reports Library >> Inventory >> Device Lists

Adding this Report to Your ZENworks Reporting Server

Interested in adding this report to your ZENworks Reporting Server? It's easy – simply download and unzip the report file attached to this description and follow the instructions in the ZRS Library article “Importing a ZRS report” article.

Contacting the ZRS Custom Reports Librarian

Have a question about the ZENworks Reporting Server Custom Reports library? Contact the librarian directly at


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