ZCM 11 USB Imaging


This is a tutorial on how to create USB imaging drives loaded with ZCM. In this tutorial I will explain how to:

  1. Make ZCM work with a USB Thumb Drive

  • How to streamline the process to make it very quick and easy to image.

  • How to implement a server side script to simplify imaging even more.

  • Try to keep you entertained through another long arduous tutorial.

You will need:

  1. Windows XP or later computer

  • 1 Blank USB Thumbdrive with over 100 mb of storage capacity. (Don't worry, they only sell 4 gb sticks nowadays)

  • A test machine with at least one USB slot, the ability to boot to a USB device, and a network connection to the ZCM server

  • A (Preferably SLES) ZCM 11 server you have administrative privileges. (Or at least the ability to modify the Content-repo folder)

  • About an hour and a good cup of coffee.

I have provided a zip file below. In this file are the tools and scripts you will use over the coarse of this tutorial. Please download it to your workstation.

Now that you are done downloading that file, we can begin. First, open the file and extract the folder inside. Included are 4 Folders.

Now insert your USB thumbdrive into a USB slot in your computer. Wait for it to be recognized. Once the device is installed, format it with Fat32.

After formatting the device, run the unetbootin executable from the zip file I mentioned earlier.

Use the second option on UNetbootin to manually select the ISO of the Zen USB boot CD. If you do not have the Iso, I included the November ZCM 11 release of the Iso in the Zip as well. Now you don't have to open up another tab in your web browser. Make sure it will use the drive you assigned the USB disk.

Click ok and take a good sip of your coffee. Once it's done, don't reboot your system. You will now edit the .cfg files in your system to allow it to boot correctly. There are two methods to do this. First is finding all the arguments you need, pasting them onto each line, and hoping for the best, OR you could just take the syslinux.cfg from the CFG & Settings files on my provided zip folder, and copy it to the root of the USB disk.

At this point, you can edit the settings.txt file and be finished, or we continue on and add a script to the server.

Add the following lines to the bottom of the settings.txt file. In my CFG-settings folder, I have included a copy of this text.

Copy the files from the zip file in the folder 'Client side scripts' to the /addfiles/bin folder on the USB disk. These scripts are 'clear' and 'client.s'

Now edit the file 'client.s' to point to the ZCM server, and if you are using windows, make sure to change the folder it mounts to accordingly.

Now go into the folder 'Server side scripts' from the zip file, and edit the 'automatic.s' file the same way you edited the 'client.s' file.

Now move that file to the scripts folder in content-repo on your ZCM server.

And viola, you should be done. Boot your other system to the USB disk and you should get a screen that looks like this:

Now, you might need to do a bit of tweaking to get everything working. Make sure to check your spelling and address. Good Luck.

If you have more questions, post on the forum, where I posted my work as I went along.




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