Need to reset ZPM Proxy configuration in ZCC?


Had an issue where my ZCC Configuration for Patch Management Proxy information in "HTTP Proxy Server Details" wouldn't clear.

  • ZCM Primary Servers - Windows 2003 Server

  • ZCM Database - Oracle 10g on a SUN system

Patchlink developer gave a series of commands that were keeping these settings alive.

  1. On the ZCM server running Patch Management open a DOS and run command;

    zac sp /clear

  • Go into %ZENWORKS_HOME%\cache\zmd\settings\PROXY_SETTING.xml,

    rename this file.

IF that doesn't clear the proxy settings -

  • Have Oracle DBA run commands;

    Delete from HTTPPROXY;


Proxy information for Patch Management in ZCC should be clear to put in new proxy information.

Paul Pedron

Micro Focus Product Manager


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