System Update - or System Upset?

OK, our hands are up - mistakes were made, the guilty have been punished, etc...

Those of you who are running ZENworks 10 Configuration Management, especially if you are on the first web download version, 10.0.0, probably have noticed that we made an update to 10.0.1 (the so-called "Media Release", the one you can now download from available via the System Update function... and then we took away the System Update version. Some of you who managed to download the System Update (oh all right, many of you) have probably experienced certain "issues" with server performance since the end of Daylight Saving Time. Well the two things are related, of course. Under certain circumstances, namely if time is set into the past as happened at the end of October in the most of the United States, it triggered a bug - this made the System Update queue go into a mode that couldn't have been more manic if it had just come from the rest room sniffing very strangely). If you're suffering from this, then why didn't you come to the Support Forums - we'd have told you how to fix it! If you didn't get to see this, then take a look at TID 3389520 where we have offered a very quick and easy workaround.

Meanwhile, we're working on fixing this issue so that it won't reoccur, and trying to get this update re-published as soon as possible: I don't have a date at this time, "when it's ready" I think is the watchword.. I'll post here as soon as I have any more news.


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