ZENLogviewer is a cool solution to view ZENworks specific log files, supported on both Windows and Linux systems.

This tool creates a single view of log files based on the log names. For example, if multiple loader-messages and service-messages are opened, the tool will give a two tabbed view with similar log files in a single tab (Ref. Snapshot 1). The filtering feature enables you to filter for any or all available fields across files and tabs, thereby resolving issues faster. (Ref. Snapshot 2)

Some of the other features include:

  • Organized UI for easy viewing of logs

  • View logs from zipped logs/multiple logs/directory

  • Nested Search across files and tabs

  • Supports live logs by tailing the log file

  • Visually appealing themes

  • Shortcuts for easy navigation

Prerequisites : JRE 1.8 is required to run this application


  1. Download the Cool Solution

  • Unzip the contents.

  • On Windows: Run zenlogviewer.bat file or double-click zenlogviewer executable jar.

  • On Linux: Run zenlogviewer.sh (give necessary permissions).

Screenshot showing multiple log files opened Snapshot 1 : Screenshot showing multiple log files opened

Snapshot 2 : Screenshot showing search operation Snapshot 2 : Screenshot showing nested search operation

snapshot3 Snapshot 3 : Go to line feature

snapshot4 Snapshot 4 : Displaying Live Log

snapshot5 Snapshot : Visually appealing themes



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