ZfD PXE LDAP Image Utility


This script currently only works with "Workstation Image Objects" that are scripted. You may also want to add a "reboot" command to the end of your imaging scripts. I have included my Prompted workstation script as a sample.

Configure your LDAP settings in ldap.cfg

If your LDAP server is not the same as your ZENworks Imaging Proxy Server you will need to at least change LDAP_SERVER

If the script runs slow you may want to set the LDAP_BASE and LDAP_SCOPE

If you do not have anonymous access configured for your LDAP server you can use LDAP_USER and LDAP_PASSWORD (Note. if you leave LDAP_PASSWORD but supply LDAP_USER you will be prompted to enter a password twice)

As a standard Practice I never use Spaces in NDS Objects. You may need to rename you objects and replace any spaces with and underscore "_"
In the "Server Object" for you LDAP server
Add a "Presence" index for "zenimgAdvancedScript"
Add a "Value" indexes for "objectClass" and "cn"
Enable clear text (SSL is not currently supported in this script)

To test limg to make sure it will work on your configuration

Copy ldap.tgz, limg, and your ldap.cfg into SYS:\tftp

Then boot a system into ZENworks Maintenance Mode and run these commands

cd /bin
tftp -c get $PROXYADDR:limg
chmod x limg

You should get a list of your scripted "Workstation Image Objects" and after you make a select your workstation should start to image (warning there is no test mode but you can hit CTRL C or make an invalid entry to cancel)

This script contains a slightly modified version of ldapsearch from openldap


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