Installation of ZSM Policy and Distribution on OES2 SP1 Linux Cluster

This Cool Solution describes how to install Policy and distribution(PDS) in an OES2 Linux cluster. This is mainly useful to achieve failover for distribution. In a Cluster environment, ZSM can be installed in two modes. They are Cluster Ready and Cluster Aware modes.

In Cluster ready mode, ZENworks is installed to the Cluster object and ZENworks Server Management treats the whole cluster as if it is a single server. To install in Cluster Ready mode, we need to point the installation path to a Shared Resource Volume during installation. But on Linux, it is not possible to specify the installation path. Hence Cluster Ready mode is not possible in an OES2 Linux Cluster, so we need to install ZSM on an OES2 Linux cluster in Cluster Aware mode. Here, ZENworks can be installed to individual nodes, i.e., the ZSM service will be running on respective cluster nodes but the distributions are kept at Shared cluster object. Installing a Distributor and Subscriber in a cluster ensures the transmission and reception of policies and software

Installation Prerequisites

  • OES2 SP1 Linux 2 node (can have more nodes) cluster

  • A Pool created and cluster-enabled (this is called a virtual server or a Shared Resource) with a volume

Installation Steps

First complete the PDS installation on each node then extend the eDirectory schema.

  1. On the first node's console, copy or mount the ZSM7 SP1 installation media and open the directory:


  • Start the PDS installation by executing the script ./zfs-pds-cluster-install

  • Install the same on the second node

  • After completing the installation on each node, Extend the eDirectory Schema using the ZSM windows installer
  • Now run the configuration script from each node. While running the configuration, the shared resource should be mounted on respective nodes. This can be done by migrating the Shared resource using iManager

  • Mount the Shared cluster resource(virtual server) to the first node. Then run '/opt/novell/bin/zfs-pds-cluster-configure'

  • Provide the admin credentials of eDirectory

  • Provide the DN of the cluster virtual server object. The naming convention is:


    CLUSTER - Name of the cluster you have

    ZSMPOOL - The name of the pool created on the Shared resource

    You can find this DN of virtual server from iManager.

    Roles and Tasks > Clusters > Cluster options

  • Specify the DNS name of the cluster virtual server object as the DNS of the Shared resource pool IP

  • Specify the container for the Distributor and Subscriber and finish the configuration.

Migrate the shared resource to the other node.

Make sure that novell-zfs service is started and the shared resource is mounted on the second node.

Repeat the configuration steps for this node (from step 6 to 10). Continue with same container and name for the Distributor and subscriber.

Now you can distribute the Distribution irrespective of where the service is running. Distributions should be kept at the shared resource.


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