ZENworks for Desktops cool and fast Remote Control Solution

Do you need a very cool solution to remote control your users without ConsoleOne and without any searching to find the right user or the right workstation?

Look at this script, that creates a little cmd with the right parameters to start a remote control session. You have to define a directory on the server (Z:\remote), where the ZfD Application creates the cmd file. Now make a simple ZfD Application with the script and give it to your users.

If a user calls the Helpdesk, told him to start the ZfD Application which creates the cmd file in the given directory. Go to the directory and you will see a cmd File with the User- and Workstationname. Double-click and enjoy the remote session. After the end of the session the cmd file will be deleted.

Generate cmd:

set PROG=Z:\mgmt\consoleone\1.36e-zfd7\bin\desktop4.exe -c"RemoteControl" -t"0" -s"2"

echo start %PROG% -w"%ZENDN%" -n"AC-TREE" >Z:\remote\%NWUSERNAME%-%ZENWSNAME%.cmd

echo start Z:\remote\work\remove.cmd Z:\remote\%NWUSERNAME%-%ZENWSNAME% >>Z:\remote\%NWUSERNAME%-%ZENWSNAME%.cmd

echo exit >>Z:\remote\%NWUSERNAME%-%ZENWSNAME%.cmd

Remove cmd:
del %1.cmd


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