ZENworks Cleanup Utility


This program will search the registry for any evidence of applications installed through Novell's Application Launcher and allow you to clean them up so they may be redistributed. It will work in both Novell ZENworks 3 and ZENworks 4 modes as well as multi-tree environments. Please see the readme file for more information.

Upon startup, ZenCleanup will search the registry for tree names, the current username and any applications installed on the computer. It will display them in the list on the left showing only the applications installed in the currently selected tree.

After selecting an application and verifying the treename, username and user context, use the Cleanup button to remove the registry keys associated with the application guid as well as the c:\NALCache files. Below the About button, it will indicate whether it has detected zen3 or zen4.

It was developed for our Windows 2000/ZENworks 3.0 environment and only tested in Windows 2000. It should work fine in WinNT and WinXP as long as the user has rights to the registry keys listed below. It might also work in Win95 and Win98, but hasn't been tested.

I provide no guarantee with this program. Use it at your own risk. I have been developing/using this for the past year without any problems.

Registry keys:
The following registry keys are deleted during the clean up process:
HKCU\SOFTWARE\NetWare\NAL\1.0\SACache\<treename>\Apps\<guid> *
* Zen4 only

NALCache files:
The contents of the following folder is deleted recursively:

I have included the Visual Basic 6.0 source code for custom development.

I have been receiving questions from users in ZENworks 3.2 environments. I only have ZENworks 3.0 (with patches) in production and ZENworks 4.0 in a test lab. There are apparently some registry differences that cause errors. If anyone is interested, I can supply source code that can be used to troubleshoot these problems in Zen 3.2. Please let me know.

Note: In all the cases that users have received the runtime error, the key where the current logged-in user is stored was missing. I noticed it had moved between Zen 3.0 and Zen 4.0, but I assumed it was still the same in Zen 3.2.

In Zen 3.0, check the following key:

In Zen 4.0, check the following key:


This latest version 2.2 includes some minor bug fixes as well as better error handling and support for selecting multiple applications at the same time.

I have noticed (especially in Windows XP) that sometimes the application will not be removed from the list after cleaning it up. This is due to the registry permissions preventing the current user from deleting some keys in HKLM even though the user can read the keys to populate the list. This is just a cosmetic issue and the application will still redeploy to that user.


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