Standardize Fonts using AdminStudio ZENworks Edition and a Force Run Object


By Stefan Falk

Editor's Note: While a normal ZENworks app could accomplish the same thing, you might be interested in seeing how you can do this with AdminStudio ZENworks Edition.

Here is a method for pushing many fonts into Windows and activating them "on the fly" using AdminStudio ZENworks Edition and a Force Run object. With this method, we are able to install a standard font set on all workstations in our school.

  1. Log in as local Administrator to a workstation, where AdminStudio ZENworks Edition is installed.

  • Start the Repackaging Wizard.

  • Choose Installation Monitoring.

  • In the next window type in the file name, for example, C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe.


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  • Fill in the recommended fields and click Next.

  • Choose the path for the package and click Start. The cmd window will open.

  • Now copy the new fonts files to C:\Windows\fonts.

  • Close the cmd Window and click Process. The Project will be created in the chosen folder.

  • Open this project with Repackager using 'Open a Repackager Project.'

  • Build the msi file by clicking Build.

  • With ConsoleOne add a new Application Object based on this msi file.

  • Associate it with the users and set it to Force Run. Do not associate the msi based Object with Workstations. This will not work in ZENworks 4.x and earlier.

From now on the fonts will be installed automatically on the workstations and are active without restarting.


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