Licensed Products Allocation Report


This is a predefined report created to provide the Allocation and installation details of each Licensed Product. This solution works for all DB's (Sybase, Oracle, MS-Sql)


The licensed product can be allocated by demographic (Site/Department/Cost Center).


This report provides the summary as below:

    • - How the each Licensed Product is allocated either by Site/Department/Cost Center.


    • - The quantity allocated.


    • - How many licenses are actually installed.


    • - How many devices are there actually in that demographic unit.


    • - And what is the variance of allocation vs installation.

And the Installation Details as below:

    • IP, Machine Name, Last Inventory Scan details of the machine where the installation of the product actually happened.

Summary: Licensed Product, Allocation Type, Cost Code, Device Count, Allocated Quantity, Installed Quantity, Variance of allocation and installation.


Installation Details are by demographic: Machine Name, Manufacturer, License Name, License Version, Ip Address, Last Usage Date, Site, Last Inventory Scan Date.


Also this report takes the Input data before running the report. Below are the ones.


Input Controls: License Product Manufacturer, License Name, Version, Demographic Unit.

Licensed Product Allocation Licensed Product Allocation

Attached the screenshot of the Report where the Licensed Products Allocation type is Site.


Note: For Sybase - download the report file "" zrsReports_export_Sybase

For Oracle - download the report file "" zrsReports_export_Oracle

For MS-Sql - download the report file "" zrsReports_export_Mssql


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