ZENworks Asset Management Web Software Usage Report

By Mark Puttick

Problem: Limiting reports by department and approved or unapproved software.

Solution: Create a report that uses csv files with all users from each department, along with another csv file for your approved software vendors, or unapproved software vendors. This is useful when your departments don’t match your domains.

You will need to see all of the software installed vendors, and delete your approved list to be able to get an unapproved list, since I found doing a NOT in CSV, will just time out.

*Note: There are limits to the number of elements that can be in a CSV file for reporting. I have noticed that more than about 200 will cause the report to fail. To resolve this, it is necessary to break up the number of users into multiple CSV’s, and use OR statements between them.

Environment Factors: ZENworks AM version 7 sp14 on windows 2003 server, and Oracle 10g database, but the report should work with SQL database.

Example: XML file attached with sample users, and a few software vendors.

If you have any questions you may contact Mark at hurricanecat@TAKETHISOUThotmail.com


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