ZCM 2017 Branding Application Window not just for "Branding"

ZENworks 2017 brings a lot of new features, for users and administrators, too.

For the user's environment a big change is brought through the "ZENworks Application Window". (Let's wish a good retirement to the good old NAL!).

With this new Application Window, ZENworks 2017 provides branding capabilities through an "End User Branding Policy". Yes, a policy! This means, branding can be applied per: folders, groups, department, countries... etc

Why not, go a bit further and use "system requirements". Policies can now take advantage of system requirements since ZENworks Configuration Management exists (or about).

System requirements provide a huge list of options, but one caught my attention: "Configuration Location". Just imagine a roaming user with his laptop, jumping from one network to the other. When the network changes the "ZENworks application window" changes through the branding policy. Better than a: "Pay attention Mister User, you are not in our corporate network anymore, and won't have access to your business applications!"

E.g. switching from this:

To this:


Branding policy is available in the ZCC main console, go under "Policies" -> "New Policy"  -> "All" -> "General" -> "ZENworks End User Branding Policy"

Your imagination will be your boundaries!




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