ZENworks Imaging Tool

You can run this program with parameters to communicate with your eDirectory. It can set the ZENworks Image-flag which causes ZENworks to automatically restore an Image on your clients on next boot.

At this moment ZENworks is only able to restore an image automatically if you set the "Put an image on this workstation on next boot" manually.
Our tool can be run from the scheduler, so you can force images on a specific time to be restored.

So you can make the following configuration:

  • at 02:00 you set the Flag on

  • Configure ZEN to power on the machines via WOL at 02:15. They are now going to restore an image.

  • at 04:00 you set the Flag off, so if the client is rebooted after 04:00, the machine is not going to restore an image, because ZENworks is not automatically disabling the Flag.

The tool is able to only set the flag of 1 machine, but is also possible to set on a whole group. Therefor you make a Group object in your eDirectory container and put all the machines which needs an image into the group.


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