Windows 10 MDM bulk enrollment in ZENworks 2020 using a provisioning package(PPKG) file


In the ZENworks 2020, only bulk enrollment is supported to enroll the Windows 10 devices. Enrollment can be done in multiple ways. The provisioning package is the easiest way to enroll a large number of Windows 10 devices in the ZENworks zone. A PPKG file can be deployed on target Windows 10 devices with minimal user intervention. This can be achieved using a provisioning package and this file can be created by following the steps provided below


Create Provisioning Package and Enroll device:

A provisioning package contains a collection of configuration settings. This file can be created by following steps provided below, which can later be used for bulk enrollment.

  1. Download and install the Windows image configuration tool from Microsoft.
  2. Launch Image Configuration Designer.
  3. In the Start page, click Advance Provisioning and create an Advance Provisioning package.
  4. Specify the following details:

 MDM Server Details:

  1. Expand the Runtime settings and then select Enrollments Under Workplace
  2. Specify UPN name and click Add.
  3. Select the created UPN and specify the following details 

Enrollment Details:

  1.  AuthPolicy: Select OnPromise from the list.
  2. DiscoveryServiceFullUrl: The URL can be obtained from ZCC. (Configuration> Configure Windows 10 MDM)
  3. Secret: The ZENWorks Registration key (secret) and can be created in ZCC. (Configuration>Configure Windows 10 MDM) 

Note: Leave EnrollmentServiceFullUrl and DiscoveryServiceFullUrl empty.

Certificate Details:

  1. In Certificates section, select the RootCertificate
  2. Specify Certificate Name and then click Add
  3. Select the created Certificate Name and then click CertificatePath
  4. Browse and select the Servers Root CA. Certificate can be downloaded from ZCC (Configuration> Configure Windows 10 MDM)

5. Export the Provisioning Package and copy the *.ppkg file from the folder to the client machine.

6. On the client machine, double-click the provisioning package to start device enrollment.

The Windows 10 client will be enrolled to MDM server and can be verified in "Access Work or School" setting.


Syncing the Windows 10 Device:

To sync the device with the server, perform the following steps:

  1. In the Windows 10 client, open "Access Work or School" setting.
  2. Click Connected to ZENworks MDM, and then click Info.
  3. Click Sync.

Creating PPKG file using PowerShell script:

Please find attached file( and follow the instructions in README.txt file, it requires less manual intervention to create provisioning package using PowerShell script.













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