ZLM Agent ISO for Specific Platform

Here are the steps to create agent iso for specific Platform:

  1. Download the tar file attached with this Solution

  • Un-tar it

  • Mount the Latest ZLM7.2 Agent ISO or CD

  • run the script with required parameters
    ./zlm-create-agent-iso target mount-path
    ex ./zlm-create-agent-iso oes-9-i586 /mnt/zlm-agent

  • copy the iso created which will be in the location /tmp/.iso. for above example it will /tmp/oes-9-i586.iso

  • On the device mount the iso

  • Install all the rpms in the iso

  • register the device to ZLM server using "rug sa"

  • Assign the upgrade bundle created using zlm-upgrade -b

  • rug refresh to get the assigned bundle

  • rug bin <bundle-name> -y

  • This should have installed zlm-agent on the device

All steps except 9 should be run on the device that you wish to install zlm-agent.

Step 9 should be executed on ZLM-server

To Create Upgrade bundle using zlm-upgrade -b Follow the below steps.

  1. Go to ZLM-server machine

  • Mount Latest ZLM-agent iso or CD
    ex: mount -o loop ZLM7.2-ir2-agent.iso /mnt/zlm-agent

  • go to mounted ZLM-agent directory ex
    cd /mnt/zlm-agent

  • run ./zlm-upgrade -b

  • Specify a folder that you want to create to hold the upgrade bundles.

  • After the upgrade completes, refer to /var/opt/novell/log/zenworks/zlm-upgrade.log to ensure that the upgrade is successful.


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