Novell ZENworks Application Virtualization 7 Is Here! (1784534)


Is the cost and complexity of deploying Windows desktop applications monopolizing your IT time and budget? Are failed installations, application incompatibilities, software and registry conflicts, time consuming testing, and a growing number of images to maintain and patch weighing you down? If so, application virtualization is for you. And there's no better product than Novell ZENworks Application Virtualization 7.

Benefit for Existing Customers

If you're using ZENworks Application Virtualization, you already enjoy its ability to prevent application conflicts, streamline operating system upgrades, and reduce the time and cost of software deployment. You're also entitled to the new version so you can begin experiencing additional benefits like easily configurable file associations and icons, the ability to compress virtual applications, and the flexibility to distribute virtual application patches independently of the applications themselves.

Benefit for Other ZENworks Customers

If you're currently using other ZENworks products for desktop management or endpoint security, you'll benefit too. Because ZENworks Application Virtualization 7 is integrated with ZENworks Configuration Management, you can distribute virtual applications easily, securely and in a way that isolates them from the installation and configuration process. You can also restrict virtual applications from running on devices not registered through ZENworks Configuration Management.

Gartner estimates that virtual applications can reduce the cost of testing, packaging and supporting an application by 60%. In a global economic climate forcing us all to do more and spend less than ever before, ZENworks Application Virtualization 7 is quite simply the right product for the right time. To learn more, visit



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