Support Pack 2 for ZENworks Configuration Management is coming


Here's what we've got planned for Support Pack 2

ZENworks 10 Configuration Management

  • Linux Satellite: Allows SLE10SP2 devices to be used as a content, collection, or imaging satellite.

  • Standalone install: Removes ZAM and ZPM artifacts from ZCC and server if the administrator disables the feature set. Also provides a lighter agent as only features enabled by the administrator are implemented on the managed device.

  • Reporting updates: ZENworks Reporting Server. Built on the latest Business Objects Enterprise engine with an updated universe, this features a flexible custom reporting interface with powerful filtering and formatting abilities. ZENworks Reporting Server includes reporting objects for all aspects of ZENworks Configuration Management SP2, allowing you to build reports spanning ZCM standard, Asset Managements Services and Patch Management Services. Supports 32-bit and 64-bit Windows / Linux platforms.

  • Ghost Imaging support: Provides customers to leverage their existing Ghost investment, but manage the deployment process with ZCM.

  • Remote Management through NAT: Provides customers with the ability to remotely manage devices on the other side of a NAT by using a meet in the middle approach.

  • Highly requested customer enhancements: Bundle activity indicator, DLU volatile user caching, IP exclusions in discovery tasks, TFTP folder replication, LDAP import capabilities, login performance improvements related to Group Policy.

  • Naming changes: Asset Management Services will be known as ZENworks 10 Asset Management SP2, Patch Management Serivces will be known as ZENworks 10 Patch Management SP2

  • ZENworks 10 Asset Management SP2: adds a new license management feature that provides for allocating software licenses across different enterprise demographics - departments, sites, or cost centers - or to specific workstations. Now an application purchased for a particular group can be allocated to that group, rather than to the entire enterprise pool.

  • ZENworks 10 Asset Management SP2: now available in two configurations: completely integrated with ZENworks Configuration Management SP2, and as a standalone product. As a standalone product, ZENworks Asset Management SP2 is built on the same reliable technology as ZENworks Configuration Management SP2, featuring improved stability, new reporting features, and a simplified web-based administration interface.

  • ZENworks 10 Patch Management SP2: Improved management user interface in ZCC, including the ability to filter by Vendor, view the current status of the server, improved patch information dialog, better tooltips and visibility into additional patch attributes including whether a reboot is required or a patch is superseded.

  • ZENworks 10 Patch Management SP2: Improved user experience when installing patches at the desktop. End users can now are now prompted via the “Z” tray icon and patch deployments can be snoozed until the user wishes to take the time to deploy the required updates and reboot. Administrators can also set a limit on how long the patch deployment process can be deferred.

  • ZENworks 10 Patch Management SP2: Dashboard Charts in ZCC provide a quick summary of patch management status including the ability to see a history of patch compliance over time.

  • ZENworks 10 Patch Management SP2: Mandatory Baseline deployments can now be created any time the administrator wants to kick off analysis on their managed devices.


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  • Begining with Support Pack 1, we release based on the feedback from the ZENworks Customer Council. They review where we are with the forthcoming release and decide on when. This is one of the methods we have been using to make sure that quality is improving with each and every release.

    For Support Pack 2, we are now into final tidy up and final reviews with the ZENworks Customer Council. Once they are happy, which should not be long now, then it will be available to everyone.