ZfD3.2 Group Policies Spreadsheet


This is the exported (Office XP) Group Policies spreadsheet. Columns A-H are the Properties and columns I-K are the Values. Within columns I-K are the default policy values and 3 columns representing our Admin, Staff and Students policies. Changes from default are defined in red. Please don't trust these applied policy values to be the gospel - these are just test values to be refined later. Otherwise use, modify, and please share any enhancements with everyone else.

See zfd32grouppolicies.zip for the a beginning point for Group Policy (GP) documentation (.xls file). As correctly as possible I tried to maintain the exact layout of how the GPs are represented in the MMC GP snap-in from within ConsoleOne 1.3.3. The only addition is my name in line 1. I built the structure and exported anything possible to .csv and pasted it in.


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