MindWorks: ZEDCM Log Viewer for ZENWorks Configuration Management

 MindWorks: ZEDCM Log Viewer for ZENWorks Configuration Management

Version: 2011

As your systems grow and complexity increases so does the size of your log files – analysing such files with ZEDCM is simplicity itself. Most engineers use word processors or simple editors like Notepad to view their log files in the early days but as the file size grows things tend to become more difficult. The ZEDCM Log Viewer was designed to solve this problem by an engineer who no longer had the time to parse the logs line by line and hope that he didn’t miss something along the way.

With ZEDCM it is possible to search logs by any error or text. Threads of communications are easy to trace and follow by filtering by thread number. By selecting errors within the log details of the exception are displayed in an easy to follow format.

Filtering is available on a column by column basis of the log view. Right clicking on the Source column for example displays the following filtering options and lists the types with the number of times they occur in the file.

Of course log files change constantly so a simple click on the reload button reloads the current log view with the latest updates.

All in all this is a very intuitive tool designed to help ZEN engineers on a day to day basis.

The cost of the software is $95 which includes all updates and maintenance for twelve months. Subsequent years maintenance will be charge at $50. The software will be maintained to be compatible with all current versions of ZCM. 25% of the revenue from this product will be used to sponsor training events for academic sites who make use of Novell solutions, via the TTP organisation.

The download version of the software is fully function other than only processing the first 100 lines of any log file. When a license is purchased a key is supplied to paste into the license box and unlock the software.

Go here to download the demo version of the software.

Go here to purchase the full license.

If you have any further questions please email Peter Atkins (peter@mindworksuk.com)


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