Don't forget: end of support for some ZENworks product versions


Here's a friendly reminder to make sure you get upgraded before end of general support for a some of the older ZENworks product versions. The following products will end support on September 30, 2012:

  • ZENworks Handheld Management 7.x
  • ZENworks Server Management 7.x
  • ZENworks Asset Management 10.x
  • ZENworks Configuration Management 10.x
  • ZENworks Endpoint Security Management 4.0
  • ZENworks Linux Management 7.3

After September 30, Novell will no longer offer general support for these products and will only provide limited updates or fixes. This is a natural part of the ZENworks Configuration Management 10 lifecycle.

Here's some info on why it's smart to upgrade, whether you're losing support or not. ZENworks 11 SP2 added a lot of features that customers had been clamoring for, and you might see your pet enhancements in there now.


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