ZENWSBrowser 4.3


The latest version can always be found at http://www.hdopp.de.

These are the new functions and changes.

New in version 4.3:

New features in this version are:

  • added /tree switch

  • fixed context issue for search, when tree is not clients primary tree

  • added /noremagent switch

  • fixed issues with enable/disable button in different contextes

  • added IP Ping to ADDR view

  • added ini file parameters for all command line switches

New in version 4.2:

This new version does support ZfD 4, 6.5 and 7.

  • added support for configurable NDS User Information attributes

  • added /unlock switch

  • fixed Serial Number issue with Workstation NDS Inventory Information

  • changed search functionality to support wildcards

  • fixed issue with search for all trees

  • added support for IP Address specific RC operations

  • added /addr switch to force startup with IP Address view

  • added /nowake switch

  • added /inipath=<path to ZENWSBROWSER.INI> switch

  • support ZEN for Desktop 7

  • added case sensitive handling of startcontext

  • added /noabout switch

  • added /debug switch

  • added /nopassword switch

  • fixed issue where startcontext contains spaces

  • fixed the 1487 error when accessing remote workstations

Rev. B
  • Supports resetting the attribute 'Grace Logins Remaining', as requested by customers.

Rev. C

  • the new revision invents the old fashioned way to search objects again.

    Now searches can be done case insensitive with wildcards (*xxx, xxx* and *xxx*) and case sensitive without wildcards (Abc searches for Abc*, *Abc* and *Abc) at once.


Simply removed an old unnecessary file.

08/08/06 - 4.2 Rev.C1

fixed startcontext space-at-the-end issue


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