Securing Corporate Email and Managing Mobile Devices using ZENworks


Nowadays, employees are increasingly accessing their work email from mobile devices using email client applications. However, these portable devices are susceptible to loss and theft. Therefore, securing corporate data on these devices is a priority for organizations. To achieve this, organizations should apply the necessary security restrictions by granting access to only authorized personnel.

ZENworks provides device management and security restriction features for Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows mobile devices, and ensures that company data is transferred securely over the Internet. To secure corporate email on mobile devices, ZENworks can act as the proxy between the devices and the configured Exchange Server. To use the Mobile Management component of ZENworks, no additional plug-ins or software components need to be installed on the devices. ZENworks also supports native Exchange clients available on mobile devices.

Incoming and outgoing email traffic can be proxied between ZENworks and Microsoft Exchange or the GroupWise Mobile Server, by using the ActiveSync protocol. Email traffic on mobile devices is forwarded to the Exchange Server only if the devices are known to the ZENworks zone and are compliant with the assigned security policies. Thus, ZENworks ensures that the Exchange Server is not accessible over the Internet and only authorized mobile devices can have access to it, thereby guaranteeing security to the Exchange Server.

For information on how to configure email access via proxy click here.

ZENworks also relays email for users who authenticate using one set of credentials to the LDAP directory and another set of credentials to the Exchange Server. By assigning a Mobile Email Policy, email entitlement can be allowed or blocked for specific devices or users.

For information on how to configure the attribute for ActiveSync server authentication click here.

On devices that are enrolled as Email Only devices, you can apply additional security restriction features by assigning a Mobile Security Policy and a Mobile Device Control Policy. Using the Mobile Security Policy you can set passwords with different complexities, encrypt internal and external storage, and apply settings to lock the device after a defined period of inactivity, and with the Mobile Device Control Policy you can control access to Bluetooth, the native Browser, Infrared, Camera, Storage card, and text messaging features on the device.

For applying security restriction features click here.

Most importantly, ZENworks also allows you to wipe or reset mobile devices when they are no longer in use, or if they are lost or stolen, thereby securing corporate data on these devices.

For information on wiping/resetting a device click here.


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