Pinning Programs to Taskbar & Startmenu using ZENworks Bundle



The purpose of this howto is to provide detailed steps for creating a ZCM bundle to pin programs to the taskbar and/or startmenu.


- ZCM infrastructure up and running, agent installed on Win7 device (this has been tested with ZCM 11.2, but should work with any version).

- Download PinItem.vbs from:

or use the attached to this article.

Create a bundle to distribute PinItem.vbs:

  1. Login to your ZCC console

  • Create a new Windows Bundle

  • (Empty Bundle)

  • Enter Bundle name e.g. Copy PinItem.vbs

  • Navigate to Actions / Install

  • Add Action - Install File(s)

  • Assign this Bundle to all your workstations or where needed (I am distributing it as part of the machine setup, so that every workstation has the PinItem.vbs)

Create a bundle to Pin Excel 2010 to the Taskbar and Startmenu:

IMPORTANT: you can only pin locally installed programs, this does not work for executables located on network shares.

  1. Create a new Windows Bundle

  • (Empty Bundle)

  • Enter Bundle name e.g.Pin Excel 2010

  • Navigate to Actions / Install

  • In Script to Run - select "Specify a file on managed device" and %windir%\PinItem.vbs

  • Script Parameters - use one the following parameters:

    /taskbar /item:"%ProgramData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Microsoft Office\Microsoft Excel 2010.lnk"


    /item:"%ProgramData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Microsoft Office\Microsoft Excel 2010.lnk"

    the first example pins Excel 2010 to the taskbar, the second to the startmenu.

  • Path to Script Engine - specify C:\Windows\System32\cscript.exe

  • Save changes and publish the Bundle

  • Assign Bundle to Users

    I usually specify Schedule Type: Event / User Login under the Bundle Distribution Schedule and select "Install Immediately after Distribution" so that the bundle is active when the user login.


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