Imaging Patch for ZENworks for Desktops 3 Abends


Sometimes the imaging server will either hang or abend. This patch should address this issue.

For NetWare, you would need to

  1. Unload imgserv.nlm
  2. Copy imgserv.nlm to sys:\system area of ZENworks
  3. Load imgserv.nlm

For NT, depending upon which version of NDS for NT is running, you would need to

  1. Stop the imaging service. To stop the service, start NDSCons.exe from NDS for NT directory, locate Imgserv service and stop it. The service could also be stopped from the menu provided in the Imaging icon provided in the taskbar.
  2. Replace imgserv.dlm or imgserv.dll with the corresponding file in this patch.
  3. Restart the service by starting NDSCons.exe as outlined in the 1st step and starting imgserv service.

To view the debug messages on NetWare, you would need to load imgserv in debug mode, by specifying-debug option ie load imgserv -debug.

For NT, you would need to start DS Trace service from NDS Console (NDSCons.exe), and then in options check the "Misc. Other" box. This would display the debug messages in the trace window.


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