ZENworks can improve endpoint protection with integrated data backup and restore by Connected Backup


Problem Statement:

Increased endpoint data at modern times heightens concerns over sensitive data protection and increases insider risks based upon misuse or mismanagement of endpoint information such as data retention related to departing employees, access of data stored on lost or stolen device or even threats from cybercrime/ransomware. The concern also arises for the safety of sensitive data with the regular activity of system refresh or replacement by on-boarded employees.

Idea Description:

Cross product Integration of ZENworks Configuration Management and Connected Backup allows to increase the data protection with continuous data backup and restore managed through pre-defined administrative policies.

The key benefits of the integrated solution:

  • Centralized, automated backup of all company PC, Mac devices without the need for end user involvement, also ensuring fast and effective recovery
  • Enabling the business to automatically maintain the ability to quickly access and recover clean revisions of user data either affected by ransomware attacks or lost due to device theft or data deletion
  • Eliminating the risks of insecure flash drive use and sensitive data loss during system upgrade or new OS deployment, and playing an effective bridge between old and new device
  • Self-service data access and recovery, ensuring end user productivity and reducing IT service requirements
  • Enabling Policy based backup for the business to ensure preparation for legal matters that involve user data stored on edge devices

How Connected Backup works?

  • Connected allows the business to control exactly what’s backed up, for whom and for how long the data is retained
  • It scans the hard disk to identify all data to back up and backs up many versions allowing you to quickly and easily recover from unintended changes
  • Connected Back uses patented technologies such as SendOnceRegistered and Delta BlockRegistered to reduce the amount of data to transmit with granular tracking mechanism
  • It encrypts (using 128-bit AES encryption) and compresses the backup data set to secure and further reduce and optimize transmission time while storing the data at the Data Center
  • Self-service data retrieval process decrypts and decompresses the backed up data from Data Center to agent location


Call to action:

Please feel free to add your ideas in the ZENworks community forum, if you foresee the integrated solution of ZENworks and Connected Backup together would help benefiting your business, and help us understanding your usecases about how would you like the integration to fulfill your need.


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