Auto Login to ZENworks Adaptive Agent Using a Pre-Configured Response File or ZAC Command Interface


The following methods will help users to auto login to ZENworks Adaptive Agent using a pre-configured response file or by using the command line interface on a managed device. These methods are useful in scenarios where users want to first perform Active Directory Login from their workstations and then perform an auto login to the configured user source (Example: eDir login) where the user's credentials are not in sync with Active Directory.

Method 1: Auto login using a response file on the managed device

    1. Create the response file with the following parameters:



                 2 .Save the response file to a particular location on the managed device.

                    Example:  D:\AutoLogin\auto.txt.

                  3.On the managed device, in the HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Novell\\ZCM\\ZenLgn location, create

                      the following registry entries:

Registry Key Type Value
UseResponseFile DWORD 1
ResponseFileName REG_SZ {Path to the response file}

Method 2: Install the Novell ZENworks Automation hooks and login using the ZAC command line interface

  1. Stop the ZENworks Agent Service.
  2. Install the novell-zenworks-automation-hooks MSI:
    (a) Download the msi from the Primary Servers. For example, if you are using a ZENworks 17.3 server, open a web browser and navigate to https://{Server-IP}/zenworks-downloads/msi/novell-zenworks-automation-hooks-  

 b) Place the AutomationHooks.dll in the correct target directory. For example, if the zenagent is installed in the C:\Program Files(x86) directory, then running the following command will place the AutomationHooks.dll in the correct target directory:                                                                                   msiexec.exe /i ${Path_To_AutomationHooks.msi} /qn TARGETDIR="C:\Program Files(x86)" ALLUSERS=2 REBOOT=ReallySuppress

3.Start the ZENworks Agent Service.

4.In the command prompt, run the zac command to identify if the zen-login command is listed amongst the other zac commands.

5.Run the zac zen-login command to log into the ZENworks server. The details of this command are as follows:
Command: zen-login, login

Syntax: zac zen-login /user:<UserName> /pwd:<Password> /realm:<Realm>

Example: zac zen-login /user:admin /pwd:novell /realm:EDIR


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