How to run the Image Explorer Utility that comes with ZENworks Configuration Management on a Workstation


At times it would be nice to run the ZCM Image Explorer Utility on a workstation, a device that does not have all the other ZCM products installed.

You can run ZCM Image Explorer as a stand-alone application on any workstation that has java installed.

This could be very useful if your images are stored on a Linux box and you do have SMB access.


  1. Install Java JRE

Installing Java JRE

I downloaded and installed jre1.6.0_03 from, Just about any 1.5 or 1.6 version should work.

  1. Install JRE into the default location, nothing special about this step.

Installing Image Explorer Utility

  1. From the ZCM installation CD, browse to Disk1\InstData\msi, my CDROM drive letter was "d".

  • Install D:\Disk1\InstData\msi\novell-zenworks-zmgexplorer-10.0.0.msi

This install is EXTREMELY quick. You will think it failed. No prompts, no confirmation. You can check in Windows Event Viewer for a status.

The Installation puts all the image files in


Creating a simple Bat file to launch the Utility

I created a simple .bat file that launched the required java processes. Please note that a path statement must exist in the .bat file, otherwise you will get java exceptions.

  1. Create launchImgExp.bat

  • Put the following information into the bat file.

    set path=C:\Novell\ZENWorks\Lib;%PATH%

    cd C:\

    cd Novell\ZENWorks\Lib\java

    "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_03\bin\javaw" -jar zmgexp.jar

!!!! That is a total of four lines !!!!

You may need to update the jre path accordingly and on my station it was not necessary to specify the whole path to javaw.exe

zmgexp.jar should exist in c:\Novell\ZENWorks\Lib\java, which is the main java executable for the Image Explorer Utility.


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