Hello ZENworks Community!

My name is Vikram Derebail and I've joined the ZENworks Team as the Product Manager for ZENworks Asset Management (ZAM) in the ZENworks Product Suite. I've been recently recognized by IAITAM as a Certified Software Asset Manager.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be taking you through the new features in ZAM which will be part of 'ZENworks 2017' scheduled to be released later this year. Some of you participating in the ZENworks 2017 Beta program may have seen some of the updates and improvements in ZAM. If you are not already part of the Beta Program and would like to join, I would encourage you to send your contact information to us at zen at microfocus dot com

As a regular reader of Cool Solutions and as a ZENworks customer, you may be familiar with our Ideas Portal. Many of your Ideas on ZAM are planned to be supported in upcoming releases. You can vote for an existing Idea so that it catches our attention and also submit any New Idea.

In case you need any assistance, want to talk or get more info on ZENworks Asset Management, feel free to send me an email at vikram dot derebail at microfocus dot com



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