Auto Cancel / Auto Continue feature of executing bundle actions



In ZENworks, application management is carried through Bundles. There are instances where a ZENworks administrator wants to be liberal & get a buy in from the end user in order to run a bundle. As of today, there is flexibility to schedule the bundle as required. However running of the bundle cannot be deferred through user confirmation.

Scenario 1: Say an Administrator needs to make sure antivirus scan is run at regular intervals. As this is a CPU intense process, he would like to get a confirmation from the end user from being interrupted before running this task.

Scenario 2: Say a ZENworks Administrator wants to apply patches regularly. However he would like to give flexibility to the end user to defer the task for no of times.

Prompt Action provides the mechanism to achieve above functionality with a limitation.


In the case where there is no user input within the configured timeout, it automatically continues with the next set of actions in the bundle. This limitation has been overcome with the following way.

Approach & Usage:

However with Auto Cancel/Auto Continue feature added in 11.4, you can control Prompt Action behavior in the case where there is no input from user.

Auto Cancel/Auto Continue is being controlled by the registry setting as below. Auto Continue is the default behavior.

  • HKLM\Software\\Novell\\ZCM\\ActionHandler\CancelOnNoResponse

For Auto Continue - set CancelOnNoResponse (DWord) to 0 or don’t add this registry key.

For Auto Cancel - set CancelOnNoResponse (DWord) to 1

This was greatly befitted in @ customer - MWV while deploying patches zone wide & providing required flexibility to end user.

Please refer to 11.4 documentation for more info.



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