Getting started with ZENworks Configuration Management

We have received several questions about how to get started using ZCM. Here's a typical question: "We are moving to ZCM and planning our first zone. We will be using a standalone db server. What needs to be built first? The first Primary server or the db server?"

Excellent questions. Your best bet here is the documentation. When you are planning, you should check out this section: System Planning, Deployment, and Best Practices Guide.

This Guide presents the items that need to be considered when designing a Novell ZENworks 11 solution and deploying it across small and large scale enterprises.

The information in this guide is organized as follows:

  • Section 1.0, ZENworks Configuration Management: A Single Solution for Systems Management

  • Section 2.0, Performing Pre-Design Activities

  • Section 3.0, Gathering Critical Information for Design Activities

  • Section 4.0, Performing Design Activities

  • Section 5.0, Deploying ZENworks Configuration Management

  • Section 6.0, Best Practices for Deploying ZENworks on a Citrix Server

  • Section A.0, ZENworks Services

  • Section B.0, The ZENworks Configuration Management Architecture

  • Section C.0, ZENworks Configuration Management Tuning Parameters

  • Section D.0, Reference Materials

When you get to the installation phase, you should turn to the ZENworks 11 Installation Guide.

It addresses these topics:

  • Section 1.0, System Requirements

  • Section 2.0, Coexistence with Other ZENworks Products

  • Section 3.0, Preparation

  • Section 4.0, Installing the ZENworks Server

  • Section 5.0, Installing the ZENworks Adaptive Agent

  • Section 6.0, Uninstalling ZENworks Software

  • Section A.0, Installation Executable Arguments

  • Section B.0, Troubleshooting

  • Section C.0, Documentation Updates


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